Photographs of Richmond, Twickenham, West London...and rest of the world.

My choice of subject is a close one: the landscape, architecture and diversity of this most picturesque part of London not only lends the richest inspiration, it is also literally on my doorstep. It's a subject which - if I've done my job - will bring joy and a unique and relevant perspective to a home.

I am a Twickenham resident of 5 years, and have been taking photos for 10. Digital is my preferred medium but I have been known to tinker with film!

A childhood spent in Germany and Switzerland exposed me to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and has lent a lifelong appreciation for the colour image as well as the clean form and contrast of black & white.

I enjoy the mobility of a camera - the freedom to take a small black box anywhere, and the limitless possibilities that it brings.

All images © Dom Broadley.